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Missouri’s Trudy Busch Valentine announces exciting new ethics policy

St. Louis —Today, fourth-generation Missourian and Democratic nominee for the Missouri U.S. Senate seat, Trudy Busch Valentine released a new ethics policy centered around returning integrity and transparency to Washington.

The plan, titled “Nobody’s Senator but Yours; Getting Corporate Money out of Politics and Promoting Good Government”, aims to bring more accountability to Washington. The plan would outlaw members of Congress and their spouses from trading stock while in office or require them to put all assets in a blind trust. Her plan would also ban corporate PACs, crack down on foreign governments lobbying in Washington, enact a lifetime ban on members of Congress lobbying, and require members of Congress to make their office calendars public.

“I joined this race because Washington is broken,” said Trudy Busch Valentine. “It’s full of too many career politicians who are only there for their own financial and personal gain. They attend high-dollar fundraisers with lobbyists at fancy restaurants, enjoy luxury trips sponsored by corporate interest groups, and then vote in their favor instead of putting the needs of their constituents first. After they leave office, they go to work as lobbyists to boost their bank accounts. I am tired of seeing things get worse for working families in Missouri and across the country while politicians sit in Washington getting so little done. There’s too much corporate money in our government today. We need to make Congress an institution that works for the people again. And that’s precisely what I’ll do. I’ll be nobody’s senator but yours!”

Trudy Busch Valentine will be going toe to toe with Republican nominee and current Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt for the Missouri U.S. Senate seat that is being vacated by current Senator Roy Blunt.

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