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Daughter of missing Arkansas woman accused of killing husband ‘begged the judge…not to let her out’

A woman from Arkansas accused of murdering her husband in his sleep has vanished since she was released on bond in Missouri, and her daughter says she “pretty much begged” the Missouri judge presiding over her mother’s case not to release her on bond.

Dawn Rene Wynn, 49, is accused of murder and armed criminal action in connection to the November 2021 shooting death of her husband.

“With her getting out on bond, all of us pretty much begged the judge…not to let her out on bond. We just felt she was going to run,” Wynn’s daughter, Savannah Wynn said. Authorities in Missouri, where the crime allegedly took place, and Arkansas, where Wynn was living when she was released on bond, have an arrest warrant out for the suspect and have been searching for her since last week. U.S. Marshals have also since become involved in the search.

“I don’t know what she’s capable of. I don’t know what her intentions are. … Be careful. She could be dangerous. She could be armed,” Savannah said in a message for anyone who may come across her mother while she is on the run. “At this point, I believe she’ll probably do anything she can to prevent being caught and to make sure she gets away.”

Her disappearance “is not a big surprise” to anyone in Wynn’s family, Savannah said, adding that she thinks her mother had planned her escape for “quite a while since all of it happened.” She also believes her mother killed her father.

“Their relationship my whole life has been pretty much a disaster, and it was constantly that they were on the verge of separation or divorce. Constantly fighting,” she explained. “As far as her actually killing him, no, it does not surprise me at all. The only thing that surprised me about it was the way she did it. I never thought she would do it a cleaner way. Her using a gun definitely was kind of shocking, but her actually doing it? No, that didn’t come as a surprise at all.”

Savannah thinks her mother does not want to “face the consequences” of her actions and “thought she was going to get away with it.”

Savannah’s grandmother a found a suicide note that Wynn left behind shortly after her disappearance, which said “something about going to go to a lake to drown herself.”

“I think that was just her trying to divert them from looking for her on the run and give her time to basically get out of the way,” Savannah speculated.

Dawn Wynn may be in South Carolina, Tennessee or Florida, according to her daughter.

“We lived in South Carolina for 13 years. That’s a possibility. She’s talked about going back there before. Tennessee is another place that she’s always loved. We used to go there on vacation. She’s always talked about wanting to move there. And then one other possibility could be Florida because she told her mom and dad that once this was all over…she was going to take off for Florida, and no one would know where she was and she wasn’t going to have contact with anyone,” Savannah said.

The McDonald County Sheriff’s Office in Missouri said last week that Wynn should be considered armed and dangerous after she was released on bond while facing charges for shooting her husband in the back of the head while he was asleep.

Wynn was released as a result of a 2019 Missouri Supreme Court ruling on a Missouri Bond Reform law, according to authorities, which allows certain Missouri criminals out on bond in an effort to make the criminal justice fairer to those who cannot afford bail.

Wynn is 5 feet 2 inches tall, weighs between 150 and 170 pounds, and has short, black hair.

She was last seen in the area of Jennifer Lane in Pea Ridge, Arkansas, according to the Benton County Sheriff’s Office in Tennessee.

Anyone with information about the 49-year-old’s whereabouts is asked to contact either the U.S. Marshals at 417-831-0588, MCSO at 417-223-4318, BCSO at 479-273-5532, or a local law enforcement agency.

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