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Juan Soto Rumored to be Traded

Juan Soto had one of the most interesting weeks for an individual player. He experienced a few different situations that most players never get to indulge in, and it all happened in a week’s time.

Soto, a 23 year old superstar and current Washington National, turned down one of the biggest contacts in all of sports. He rejected a 15 year, $440 million dollar contract early in the All-Star break. The Nationals won the World Series just a few years ago and it has been downhill ever since. Soto has grown frustrated with the organization in recent years, resulting in his denial of the offer.

Soto received criticism and admiration from all over based on each persons individual opinion on the situation. He then went out and put on a very impressive showing in the Home Run Derby, ultimately winning it. This silenced a lot of the critics who were in favor of the Nationals. Despite this, it may have benefited the Nationals in the long run. His trade stock only increased due to his performance.

The Nationals are reportedly looking to trade the superstar before the August 2nd trade deadline. Teams rumored to being interested in Soto includes: Mets, Yankees, Giants, Dodgers, and Cardinals. The Mets and the Yankees are the top two favorites to acquire Soto. The Cardinals are listed anywhere from +300 to +700, giving them a solid chance as well. These teams are the most consistently mentioned, but that does not limit the rest of the league from making attempts as well.

Soto has many years of success ahead of him, barring any serious setbacks, making him one of the hottest trade pieces in recent MLB history. Teams will be vying for the next few weeks to land one of the league brightest stars.

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