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Kansas’ Shrine Bowl is coming up… and Pittsburg offers a warning

Pittsburg – The 49th Annual Kansas Shrine Bowl will attract 6,000 attendees culminating in the championship football game between East Squad and West Squad on July 23 at 7 p.m. in Carnie Smith Stadium, on the Pittsburg State University campus.

Fans, families and players representing high schools and their communities statewide will add significant vehicle and foot traffic in Pittsburg. Residents and bowl attendees are reminded to use extra caution while driving and on foot.

The Kansas Department of Transportation reported preliminary 2021 data of 46 pedestrian fatalities in Kansas. Recent vehicle-pedestrian crash injury and fatalities are on the rise in Kansas. “In all things fun and football, these are stats we don’t want to be part of. Landing on the pedestrian injury or fatality roster is one we can all help to avoid,” said Chris Bortz, KDOT Transportation Safety Assistant Bureau Chief.

Help reduce crashes and follow these safety tips –


  • Look for pedestrians everywhere, especially at crosswalks
  • Never pass cars at a crosswalk, they may be stopped for pedestrians
  • Slow down, be prepared to stop
  • Avoid distractions and always buckle up


  • Walk on sidewalks or designated pedestrian paths
  • Be visible and predictable crossing streets in well-lit areas, especially at night
  • Stay alert, avoid distractions such as your phone
  • Don’t assume drivers see you 

    “We have people coming from all over the state, representing every corner from Atwood to Galena and Atchison to Garden City,” said Kansas Shrine Bowl Executive Director B.J. Harris. “We want everyone to come here, have fun and get home safe.”

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