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NBA Free Agency Updates

NBA free agency has taken on a life of its own in recent weeks. Whether its big stars on the move, or championship contenders trying to finalize their roster for a Finals run. Here are a few of the players and updates on their individual potential outcomes:

KD has been linked to a few different teams since free agency opened up. The Suns and Heat took early leads to land the aging MVP-caliber superstar. He requested these teams specifically. He has now been linked to a Golden State return. There have been reports of the Warriors front office internally discussing how to acquire KD to possibly recreate the success they had when Durant was in the Bay Area the first time around.

Ayton has reportedly been noted as one of the biggest dominoes in this year’s free agency class. He is a budding star who can be the final piece a contender may need to win it all. He is not as big a star as KD or Kyrie Irving, but may end up being just as important for the right team. The Pacers and the Suns have been going back-and-forth on offer sheets for the big man. The most recent move being made is the Suns matching the Pacers offer of 4 years for $133 million.

Kyrie has been one of the most controversial stars throughout the last NBA calendar year. Most of his publicity has been due to him not playing as opposed to his talent on the court. Despite this, he is still a hot commodity in the trade market.  One interesting deal that could come to life is an Irving trade to the Los Angeles Lebron’s… I mean Lakers… for Russell Westbrook and other capitol. This would team up Lebron James and Kyrie Irving for a few more years. Last time this happened, the Cavaliers won their first and only NBA title in 2016.

KD for Lebron???
This is highly unlikely, but still fun to think about. Lebron being traded for anything, even one of the best players of this generation, would be the biggest news story since he left Cleveland (either time). Durant would add his name to a long list of NBA greats that have played for the franchise, while Lebron would be back on the East Coast. Like I said, unlikely but entertaining if nothing else.

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