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Sheena Greitens pushes back saying the public nature of their divorce is Eric Greitens’ fault

Sheena Chestnut Greitens, the soon to be ex-wife of Missouri US Senate candidate Eric Greitens, defended herself on twitter against those who say the public nature of their divorce is done purposely and with malice

Their divorce became highly publicized while he was on Missouri US Senate campaign trail. Proponents of Eric Greitens have taken to social media to say that this timing is not accidental but rather to detract from his campaign. Several ads have come out from the Show Me Values PAC highlighting some of the more disturbing details from the divorce which, due to its public nature, has been ripe for the pickings when it comes to getting negative publicity for the ex-Missouri Governor.

Last Friday a Greitens family court hearing was cancelled due to the amount of media attention it was receiving. One twitter user said it was because, “Opponents campaign pushed for this to play out now” implying that those also running for the Senate seat are pushing this narrative to hurt the Greitens campaign.

But Sheena took offense to the idea that the amount of publicity the divorce was receiving was at no fault of his own. She tweeted back, “Actually, that’s not true. At all. I requested mediation (Eric refused) & then filed in TX (where family court processes are private) over a year ago. The only reason this case is a) happening now, b) in MO, and c) in public is because Eric insisted on it.”

She then posted and excerpt from a court document that quoted her saying, “Since I filed my motion in Texas, I have tried to avoid the situation I am now in. There was never a question that this would be a difficult process, but I did everything I could do to make it as private as possible until there were no other choices left. As my written requests for mediation show, I have entreated Eric over and over again to resolve our differences privately through mediation, and he has consistently refused. Eric was very difficult to serve, and I was unable to get him to agree to move this case to Texas, all of which has caused further delay and resulted in the timing of this particular step in the process. The timing and nature of the current decision before the court is due to Eric’s unwillingness to engage privately with my concerns for our children, not some bizarre and imaginary political conspiracy.”


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