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Let me start this off by saying Happy Fourth of July. There are tons of holiday traditions that
would only make sense in America. Hot dog eating contests, outstanding firework shows, and
many more depending on where you are from and what your family tradition is.

Joey Chestnut is the perineal champion of the hotdog eating event. Chestnut has won the event
14 times in the last fifteen years. Just last year he ate 76 dogs in only ten minutes, which is a
record. He owns all top ten slots on the most hotdogs ever eaten list. Chestnut is the favorite by a
large margin and the men’s winner is projected to eat over 70 hot dogs. I am not sure if I have
ever eaten a total of 70 hotdogs in my life, let alone in one day. Chestnut is one of the greatest
competitors we have ever seen in any “sport”. He is more dominant than any athlete we have
seen. Not Phelps, not Jordan, not Brady, but Joey Chestnut may be the most dominate competitor
across any form of international competition in history.

To provide context on just how many hotdogs chestnut is eating, if he was to match his total
from last year Chestnut will consume 22,800 calories. It also equates to 1,358 grams of fat and
1,824 carbs. This number of calories is equal to just over eleven days’ worth the recommended
daily caloric intake. Seventy-six hotdogs sound like a lot but when you realize the shear amount
of volume of food he is consuming it makes it even more impressive.

Good luck to Joey Chestnut on another year of dominance. Good luck to all the other
competitors today as well. Have a great Fourth of July everyone.

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