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Worst Celebrations in Sports

A few championship series have wrapped up across the world in the past couple of days and it really got me thinking. What are the worst celebrations in sports? We have seen some cringy, weird, and sometimes unsafe celebrations over the years. Here is my list of the worst:


This celebration option cracks our list for a couple of different of reasons: For starters, it’s just an odd celebration overall. Is there really nothing cooler to do after an individual accomplishment than one of your teammates throwing shaving cream or whipped cream in your face? Is that all we could think of, really? If it is shaving cream, you just must hope you get you eyes closed in time. Even worse, if it is whipped cream and it goes up your nose and settles in there… have fun with that smell for the next few days (been there, it is awful). It is not the worst overall option as it only involves a couple of people and isn’t dangerous for anyone involved. Therefore, it is slotted at the bottom of the list.


Congratulations, you just accomplished something incredible and now you are going to be a combination of cold, wet, and sticky. How does this make sense? If it’s water, I guess now you have cooled off after your accomplishment but there are definitely better ways to cool off postgame. Gatorade makes it infinitely worse. The color of the Gatorade ruins whatever uniform or clothing you have on and now you are sticky as you hug your friends, family, and teammates. I just think there’s better ways to go about this.


Dog piles while they may be “cool” or “look fun”, they are genuinely just terrible. Unless you are lucky or strategic enough to make sure you are on top, you end up just crushed and struggle to breath. If you are on the bottom, I pray for you, my friend. Being on the bottom of the dog pile is easily the worst. You have no option of when you and your teammates stop the pile. You simply can’t be heard due to the muffles of your yells and the celebratory yells of your teammates all around you. You are just stuck… at the bottom… with no control of your situation. Please tell me how that is enjoyable? There is also the possibility of injuries as there is literally hundreds of pounds of pressure on your body, which is already probably laying in a contorted position. This is a perfect recipe for disaster.

These are all tradition based and people grow up dreaming about these moments.  I think it is one of those things that after the fact, it doesn’t make nearly as much sense as it did in the moment. Maybe one day we can find new celebratory traditions that are safer and smarter than the ones we have right now.

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