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KZRG SPORTS: Arch Manning Commits to Texas

Arch Manning has been one of the most talked about youth athletes ever. His recruiting process has been followed from beginning to end by every major sports news outlet. Now that he has made his decision, more criticism is on the horizon.

Arch turned down some of the nation’s top programs including Alabama, Georgia, and his uncle’s alma maters Ole Miss and Tennessee. I can’t fault Arch from doing what he can to blaze his own trail and create his own legacy. This may be hard to do with Manning draped across his back, but still, you have to respect the attempt.

Arch made his officially commitment to the University of Texas on Thursday. Ten years ago, everyone would be asking the question, “How many titles will Texas win with Arch under center?” Not anymore. Texas has been underperforming from their historic expectations as of late. Now the expectations will be on Arch to bring Texas “Back”. Arch is a five-star recruit and is one of the most highly touted recruits in recent history. He will already have pressure to perform solely based on that, now bringing Texas back to the top of college football will be on his job requirements once he steps on campus. By the time he gets on the field, Texas will be transitioning into the SEC which makes his job that much harder. He will most likely be the first starting quarterback for Texas in their SEC era.

Arch will have the opportunity to be the next big thing in the sport of football if he brings Texas back. Actually back, not Sam Ehlinger back, but national championships back. If he fails, he may be the most highly criticized youth athlete ever. I personally feel bad for the kid. If he succeeds, he will still only be compared to how great his uncles are, and if he is better than them. If he fails, he will be dubbed the biggest failure in his family.

Ultimately, Arch Manning will have the biggest shoes to fill that we, as sports fans, have ever seen for a college athlete. Combining family expectations, one of the biggest programs in college football, and the media coverage that has been following him since a young age brings together the perfect storm. This is a crazy world for an eighteen-year-old kid to take on. I hope he keeps his head on straight and his performance on the field is the only thing we will be talking about for years to come.

Written by Nathan Massey KZRG

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