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Suspect arrested after foot chase, standoff in Quapaw

Wednesday afternoon, Quapaw Nation Marshals responded to A domestic disturbance involving shots fired on Whitebird Street in Quapaw.

Upon arrival, the suspect who was believed to be armed with a handgun ran into an adjacent wooded area. Officers set up a perimeter and began searching for the suspect. The suspect then ran into the Elderly Housing area and was going to the residences attempted to find a home open. Marshals pursued the suspect into a thick wooded area where he was unable to be located.

A short time later, Marshals learned the suspect requested to be picked up by another individual at a residence on Cayuga Street in Quapaw. A Marshal went to the residence and visually saw the suspect coming out of the residence toward the pick up car.

When the suspect saw the Marshal he ran back into the residence and shut the door. Marshals established a perimeter in less than a minute and began trying to get the occupants in the home to come out. The occupants in the home refused to come out and appeared to be throwing items in front of the doors and windows inside the home.

Due the suspect being a convicted felon, possibly armed and fired the handgun earlier at an individual, he posed a serious danger to the community. The occupants inside the home continued to refuse to come out so a search warrant for the residence was obtained.

Due to the suspect having felony warrants for weapon related offenses and discharging a handgun earlier in the day, a Cherokee Nation tactical team was requested to the scene to assist with safely extricating the occupants who continued to refuse to come out.

The tactical team arrived and deployed OC gas into the home and was able to safely remove any occupants from the home. The home was then searched safely without incident.

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