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Republican MO senator says he has contacted law enforcement regarding Greitens ad

A Missouri state senator says he has contacted law enforcement about a campaign ad featuring U.S. Senate candidate Eric Greitens and a tweet that could be seen as a threat.

“Today, we’re going RINO hunting” – gun sound effects”

That’s part of an ad by an armed Eric Greitens…RINO is an acronym for Republican In Name Only, a disparaging term referring to a politician whose political views are seen as not being conservative enough.

After the release of the video, a tweet aimed at some Missouri politicians including Senate Majority Leader Caleb Rowden from an unofficial Greitens twitter account reading, Quote: “Look out…we’ve got our permits and we’re coming for you.” 

The Missouri Democratic Party is calling on the candidate to permanently remove what the party calls a “dangerous ad.”

Facebook has taken down the ad for violating its rules and Twitter has tagged it as abusive.

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