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Missourians have $1 billion worth of unclaimed property waiting to be claimed

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — On average, one in 10 Missourians has unclaimed property with the state, worth more than $1 billion combined.

Missouri State Treasurer Scott Fitzpatrick is launching the department’s annual effort to notify residents of their unclaimed property and return it to them.

The names of more than 129,400 people, businesses, and nonprofit organizations will appear in over 100 Missouri publications. People can also go online to to search and view the lists by county. St. Louis County has the longest list of unclaimed property, with 28,449 entries, while Worth County has only 30 names on the state list.

“I encourage all Missourians to check the unclaimed property list and claim any money that is rightfully yours,” Fitzpatrick said. “I also encourage Missourians to take a look at the list and if you see a name you recognize, let that person know. It is always free to claim your unclaimed property and many claims can be filed online.”

Most unclaimed property in the state consists of cash from bank accounts, stocks, bonds, and the contents of safe deposit boxes.

The treasurer’s office also holds more than 100 military medals and insignia.

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