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Governor Mike Parson signs 7 bills including a military exemption for IRT programs

Missouri Governor Mike Parson signed 7 bills into law including HR 2149 which makes military employees and contractors exempt from participating in the Innovative Readiness training program if they are already registered in another state.

The Innovative Readiness Training (IRT) is a collaborative program that leverages military contributions and community resources to multiply value and cost savings for participants. Communities typically provide materials and basic services (e.g. facilities), while military units contribute personnel and training resources.

The goal of the program is to produce mission-ready forces through military training opportunities that provide key services for American communities. IRT provides hands-on, real-world training to improve readiness and survivability in contingency environments. The program also aims to strengthen and build new partnerships with culturally complex population, including in remote areas.

Additionally, HB 2149 makes several other statutory modifications:

  • Aligns state statute with Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services for home health treatment plans and alleviates delays to home health service care;
  • Allows individuals to take the land surveyor exam at any point after high school graduation;
  • Allows the Missouri Dental Board to consider “Pilot Projects,” that include new technologies or practices within the field of Dentistry;
  • Allows students to take the Physical Therapists License exam up to 90 days before graduation; and
  • Adds Missouri as a member of the Audiology & Speech Language Pathology Interstate Compact (ASLP-IC).

The other bills Governor Mike Parson signed along with HR 2149 are:SB 987 – Relating to Gambling Boat Facilities: Allows gambling facilities to be located within 1,000 feet of the main channel of the Missouri or Mississippi Rivers with approval from the Missouri Gaming Commission.

HB 2365  Early Learning Quality Assurance Program Extension: Extends the sunset expiration on the Early Learning Quality Assurance Program to the end of 2028.

HB 1725 – Lodging Establishments: Updates statute to clarify hotel liability for lost guest property if stored in a safe or safe deposit box. Additionally, it removes the requirement for rates to be published in rooms if the rates are available online.

HB 2416 – Motor Vehicle Dealer Sales Practices: Provides statutory clarification that motor vehicle dealers in Missouri can conduct certain transactions remotely.

HB 1600 – Employees of the General Assembly: Clarifies that the General Assembly does not need to pass an annual resolution to keep legislative staff employed during the interim period.

HB 1697 – Cottage Food Production Operations: Allows Missouri cottage food producers to exceed $50,000 in annual revenue and sell products online, as long as products are sold to purchasers in the state.

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