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JPD Captain Davis to be honored at first responders gala

Joplin Police Captain William Davis will be honored at the First Responders Children’s Foundation’s annual gala, which recognizes first responders natonwide for their heroic efforts during the organization’s “Roll Call of Heroes”.

It stems from his heroic actions back in March when he stopped an assailants violent and deadly rampage.

Read more about it below:

(New York, NY) – First Responders Children’s Foundation, the national nonprofit founded in the aftermath of 9/11 when over 800 children lost a first responder parent, will host “A Celebration of First Responder Heroes” on June 2, 2022, at Gotham Hall in New York City. The event will recognize James M. Foote, President & CEO of CSX, as the 2022 Corporate Hero Award honoree for CSX’s longstanding commitment to and generous support of first responder families.

The gala dinner will pay tribute to 6.5 million first responders across the nation through “The Roll Call of Heroes” during which a representative from each category of first responder will be honored on behalf of all first responders in their category: public safety officers, firefighters, EMTs / paramedics, nurses, 911 dispatchers, and 9/11 survivors. The individual representing each category of first responder will be celebrated for their personal heroism and receive an award on behalf of all first responders in their respective field.

First Responders Children’s Foundation has selected six first responder heroes for the 2022 “Roll Call of Heroes” each of whom went above and beyond the call of duty and some of whom risked their lives to rescue others in their communities.

This includes an award to Captain Davis:

On behalf of all Public Safety Officers – Captain Will Davis of the Joplin, MO Police Department who displayed unusual selflessness and courage when he stopped an assailant on a murderous rampage. During the altercation, two of Davis’s fellow officers were fatally shot and their patrol vehicle was stolen by the assailant’s flee attempt. Shots were fired at officers in pursuit, until the patrol car was wrecked in the process. As the assailant continued to fire at the officers, Davis pulled up to the scene, drew fire from the suspect, and ultimately returned fire, mortally wounding the assailant and ending the rampage.”

Proceeds from the Gala will support Foundation programs including college scholarships, direct financial assistance, bereavement assistance, and toys during the holidays. Proceeds will also support mental health services for children of first responder families through the newly introduced First Responders Children’s Foundation Resiliency Program.

The gala dinner and awards ceremony will take place on June 2, 2022, at Gotham Hall in New York City.

Tickets and sponsorships are available at

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