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Abandoned and abused dog found in a Parsons’ home

Community service officer Ricky Thompson was called onto the scene of a neglected and abused dog found abandoned in the backyard of a Parsons, Kansas home.

The call was made by a concerned citizen who reported the animal was in poor health. When Thompson arrived on the scene he contacted the neighbors who said that the homeowners had not been at the house for at least a couple of weeks. Thompson investigated the yard and found no trace of food left out for the dog but did find water bowls which had been undoubtedly filled with rain water.

Thompson was able to identify the dog’s name by the tag on its collar as Midus. Midus had gotten so thin his ribs were clearly noticeable and there was evidence of muscle mass loss. Thompson is working with officers to locate the dog’s owner and formally press animal cruelty charges.

Midus was taken to Parsons’ pet hospital where he is being treated for neglect. Parsons Police Chief Robert Spinks said, “as we wait for the official medical report from Dr. Eva Dudek, we hope that Midus makes a full recovery. We have the name of the suspected owner and will be pursuing all avenues to close this case quickly. Animals rely on us to be good humans and caretakers. We really should embrace the pet guardianship mentality when we have animal companions. It is heartbreaking to walk into these yards and see the neglect of an animal who does not understand what it did wrong. I hope that everyone in Parsons can be the best pet guardian for their companions as possible.” 

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