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Hawley Blasts ‘celebration’ of Supreme Court Leak

In the wake of the leak of a draft opinion that would signal an overturning of Roe v. Wade and return abortion policymaking back to state governments, Sen. Josh Hawley slammed left-wing activists “celebrating” the development.

Hawley told Fox News today that President Biden is one of many on the left who believe there should be only one singular acceptable national view on abortion. “He wants to say that there’s only one view on abortion and the Supreme Court’s going to control it. And he, Joe Biden, is going to dictate it,” Hawley said.

Hawley, who clerked for Chief Justice John Roberts, called the leak a “threat to judicial independence.”

Hawley also commented, “I know the leftists are celebrating it. And what they’re trying to do is use it to pressure the Supreme Court into changing its opinion, into changing its deliberations.”

If the court sides with the state of Mississippi in Dobbs v. Jackson as the leaked draft opinion suggests, Hawley said Americans would be able to decide what abortion laws should be in their states in a “small-d” democratic form of governance.

Observers have pointed out that left-leaning state governments in New York and California are likely to thereby legislate far to the pro-choice side of the spectrum, while right-leaning states like Texas and Florida are likely to support the pro-life view through legislation

“That’s what the Constitution gives to the people — the right to control this issue and to make up their own minds,” Hawley said.

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