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IRS: $31 Million in Potential 2018 Refunds Available for MO Taxpayers

The Internal Revenue Service says millions of dollars may be available for thousands of Missourians who didn’t file a 2018 federal income tax return.  

The I-R-S say more than 31-million dollars in refunds could be waiting for nearly 34-thousand Missouri taxpayers. 

It’s estimated that half of the potential refunds could be around 800 dollars or more. 

Some people may not have filed in 2018 because their income was less than what’s required to file a tax return. 

Most taxpayers have a three-year window to claim a refund and that closes for 2018 on April 18th.  

Low to moderate income workers who failed to a file a 2018 return may have also lost  thousands of dollars by not claiming the Earned Income Tax credit.

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