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Joplin business matching donations to directly support police officer families

UPDATE: Freeman Hospital is giving $15,000 ($5,000 for each officer).

Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Four States is giving $2,500.

In an effort to support the Joplin Police officers and their families, TAMKO Building Products is encouraging other area businesses to join them in supporting Joplin Police officers and their families following Tuesday’s deadly shooting

TAMKO has donated $25,000 to directly support the families of the two fallen heroes and the third officer who remains hospitalized. The company has also pledged further support through matching donations.

Through April 1, TAMKO will match donated funds from other businesses up to an additional $25,000. On top of that contribution, TAMKO will also match donated funds from all of its own employees up to $500 per individual.

Crossland Construction is joining the effort with a $25,000 donation today and, like TAMKO, they will also match in-kind donations from other businesses up to an additional $25,000.

Donations are recommended to be made to:

Fraternal Order of Police – Joplin

Funds are recommended to be designated to the following: 

Wife of Cpl. Ben Cooper 

Wife of Officer Jake Reed 

Officer Rick Hirshey

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the fraternal family of the Joplin Police force, which faithfully serves our community daily. We are deeply saddened by this unfathomable loss,” said TAMKO Chairman and CEO David Humphreys. “To honor the sacrifices of these officers and their families, we urge other businesses to step up and join us in donating funds.”

Also, OurVeteransFirst is selling tumblers in memory of our fallen JPD officers. They are available here. 100% of the profits will go to the officers families. OurVeteransFirst is a 501 (c)3 local nonprofit.

Joplin Police said Friday that both Cpl. Cooper and Officer Jake Reed’s radio numbers will both be retired in the coming days to honor their memory.

Cpl Ben Cooper 222

Officer Jake Reed 270

“A police officer’s radio number is special to them. It becomes part of their identity,” said JPD. “Other officers and dispatchers call them by their radio numbers, sometimes even in person. Radio numbers provide another piece of the brotherhood we have in law enforcement.”
The memorial in the lobby of the police department for Cpl. Cooper and Officer Reed continues to grow. The lobby has extended hours of 7am to 10pm through this weekend for community members to step in out of the weather and pay their respects.
Officer Tribute

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