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Jasper County reports slew of new COVID-19 cases

Cases of COVID-19 continue to surge in the area. The Jasper County Health Department reporting 450 new positive cases on Thursday.

(These numbers do not reflect the city of Joplin)

Stats of those infections are below:

(346 of the 450 did not respond for interview)

<1 year: 3
1-4 yrs: 5
5-11 yrs: 24
12-19yrs: 40
20-29yrs: 80
30-39yrs: 90
40-49yrs: 85
50-59yrs: 47
60-69yrs: 44
70-79yrs: 19
80-89yrs: 11
90+yrs: 2

Vaccinated = 52 (1 w/boosters)
Reinfection = 2 (0-vaccinated)

The Health Department again reminds you to wash your hands, cover your cough, distance from others, and vaccinate if you choose to do so.

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