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Winds damage hundreds of traffic signs across Kansas

High winds across Kansas on Wednesday caused widespread damage. The Kansas Department of Transportation wants to alert motorists this includes the knocking down or shearing off of traffic signs, including stop and other regulatory signs, primarily in central and western parts of the state.

Work began to replace missing signs at the same time overall assessments began of the numbers of signs down.

If anyone see a sign down or blown over away from the roadway, please contact the nearest KDOT office, or send an email to with the highway name/intersection, nearest town and county name.

Repair and replacement of signs could take time. KDOT areas that did not have signs affected are providing materials and assistance, but many lost or damaged signs will have to be ordered and produced.

The missing/down sign problem is widespread across northwest and southwest Kansas – hundreds of signs are affected in every county to some degree. It is estimated that 100 signs are missing in and around counties surrounding Great Bend, and about 100 signs are missing or down in north central Kansas.

Northeast and southeast Kansas had minimal losses and most of the missing signs have been able to be replaced in those areas.

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