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Pittsburg Police reminding parents about internet safety

The Pittsburg Police Department is reminding parents about internet safety during the holiday season and throughout the year.

Parents should proactively monitor their childs cell phone, and keep them safe from online predators. The following are guiding suggestions to help parents keep their child (under 18 yearsold) safe from potential online criminal activity.

  • Parents should proactively monitor what applications are being downloaded onto their childs cell phone, and keep themselves informed about their childs online activities. 
  • Parents should be aware of peer pressure and bullying related to their childs boyfriend/girlfriend asking for explicit images. 
  • Parents – it is a crime for your child to SEND sexual photographs of themselves or of another person.
  • Parents can be proactive by talking to their children, building trust through communication, and spontaneously searching through their phone if you become concerned about changes in your childs behavior or being secretive with their phone. 
  • Parents your child does not have a right to privacy against you. Please monitor their phone apps and their friend listfor adult strangers. Delete anything you find alarming or offensive. 
  • Parents do not forget to monitor your childs messages on popular apps. These would occur in the Instagram messages, Snapchat, Facebook messenger, Tik Tok direct message, and tbh (to be honest). 
  • Parents should DENY ACCESS to dangerous apps that are high risk for sexual solicitation such as

Periscope WhatsApp Kik Kik GroupMe 65 9 8 Private Photo (Calculator%

After School @ Ask.Fm W Whisper Yik Yak Yubo 2 Omegle WeChat 

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