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Baxter Springs man sentenced to life for murdering woman, injuring officers

A man from Baxter Springs, Kansas, has been sentenced to life in prison for murder and for injuring three police officers.

It stems from an incident in the early morning hours of September 30, 2017, when Harvey Ortberg attacked Sharon Horn at her home in Baxter.

Court documents and police testimony say that Ortberg poured fuel on Horn and set her on fire. Two officers, Jimmy Hamilton and Justin Butler, arrived at the scene.

Hamilton then wrestled with Ortberg as he also doused him and Butler in gasoline before grabbing a lighter and setting them all on fire.

Officer Darryl Nadeau then arrived on scene and tried to put the fire out but was injured by smoke inhalation.

Ortberg plead guilty to first degree murder and two counts of aggravated battery against police officers back in July.

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