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Judge denies Missouri Attorney General’s request to sue all schools

A Boone County judge denied the state attorney general’s motion to block mask mandates in all public schools in the state.

Columbia Public schools found themselves in the unusual position of having to argue on the behalf of all Missouri School Districts who do—or might have mask requirements-

CPS said it made no sense that one court, one judge should make one decision for all – on decisions that are made locally, with local health guidance. 

Eric Schmitt’s office will proceed in a case against mask rules in Columbia schools—and would have to make the case against other school districts individually. 

That is still to be decided, according to the attorney general’s spokesman, who says they will aggressively pursue discovery in the CPS case QUOTE “to show how bureaucrats have incessantly moved the goalposts to justify never-ending restrictions and mask mandates.”

At real issue is whether school districts are abiding by new state law that puts a series of restrictions on how a local order can be made—and for how long.

C-P-S argues that with the COVID-19 variant, masks are one mitigation – and an option suggested to them by the State Health Department—and the State Education Department. 

The Attorney General says he is not concerned about that state guidance  —that he represents the state’s children.

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