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Hawley slams “racist and divisive” critical race theory

During a vote on the nomination of Kiran Ahuja to be the director of the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), Missouri U.S. Senator Josh Hawley took to the Senate floor to slam the idea of critical race theory being taught in schools across the country.

“The advocates of critical theory tell us we have to dismantle our culture, our history, our families, our Jewish and Christian heritage and beliefs because they’re all oppressive,” said Hawley. “They say the future of this nation will be defined by racial division and racial strife. Mr. President, I reject that prophecy of our future and I take my stand on the goodness of the American people and the God who guides us.”

Hawley says that Critical Race Theory will only divide us further. “What we cannot allow is our federal government to affirm and sanction and advocate this critical race theory. We cannot allow the United States of America, the greatest nation on earth, to legitimize a new era of racial engineering,” he said.

Hawley also slammed Ahuja, warning that she could bring use her post as essentially the head human resources officer for the federal government to promote critical race theory.

“I’m concerned that Ms. Ahija is a disciple of radical critical theorists. She has frequently promoted Dr. Kendi. She called him a thought leader,” Hawley said. “She declared that we must do everything in our collective power to realize Dr. Kendi’s vision for America.”

You can watch Hawley’s entire speech below:

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