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Joplin Police Department looking for person of interest threatening to euthanize cats.

The individual reportedly left letters at residences of several streets.

If you’re in Joplin, specifically the Gray Neighborhood, make sure you know where your cats are.

Residents of this area reportedly received letters threatening to euthanize feral cats.

The Joplin Police Department is currently investigating the situation.

Reports say that Monday morning, a letter was also posted in the neighborhood residences of Empire, Porter, Picher, and Gray Streets in Joplin.

The letter says that any stray feral cats captured will be euthanized beginning January 1 of 2021.

The person who left the letters was captured on video in the Gray neighborhood between 2:40 AM and 5 AM.

This individual was found to be a woman wearing a red jacket.

The Joplin Police Department is working to identify this woman.

A $2,500 reward is being offered to anyone with information that could lead to the capture of the person leaving the letters.

Contact the Joplin Police Department if you have any information.



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