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GRDA Police remind public to stay off ice on lakes, other bodies of water

As extreme cold and winter weather conditions continue to impact the lakes area, the Grand River Dam Authority Police Department is reminding the public to stay off of the ice that has formed on the water.

These icy areas, typically in the back of coves, along creeks and ponds, are not thick enough to be walked on and can be extremely dangerous.

“We’re asking the public to stay well clear of such areas, no matter how strong the ice appears,” said GRDA Vice President of Corporate Communications Justin Alberty. “Please don’t take the risk, it can be very dangerous. Not only could the ice break, but you could also slip and fall on it. Such incidents then put rescuers at great risk as well.”

If you do happen to see someone fall through the ice over water, the GRDA Police Department recommends these tips:

  • DO NOT go out on the ice to attempt a rescue. The ice is already cracked and the chances of you becoming a second victim are very high. 
  • From a safe location, reach out with a stick, ladder or anything the victim can grab and hold on to. Try pulling them out or have them hold on until rescuers arrive. 
  • Another option is to throw the victim a rope or something that floats that they will be able to grab on to. Then, from a safe distance, attempt to pull them out of the water or hold them until rescuers arrive.

The GRDA Police Department urges you to stay safe in extreme winter weather and keep these tips in mind.



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