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Missouri woman charged with unlawful entry, stealing federal property at U.S. Capitol

Most people who take part in a riot and steal property try to keep out of sight. But, evidently, not Emily Hernandez of Sullivan, Missouri.

At least three tipsters have told the FBI that she is the woman posing with Speaker Nancy Peolosi’s broken nameplate in widely-distributed ITV videos and other photographs while standing inside and outside the U.S. Capitol during the rioting that took place on Jan. 6.

That was the day that the United States House of Representatives and United States Senate, including Vice President Mike Pence, gathered to certify the Electoral Votes from the fall 2020 Presidential Election.

However, their discussions came to an end around 2:20 when they were instructed to evacuate the chambers after the Capitol doors were breached by rioters. Shortly afterward, the rioters entered the U.S. Senate chamber and a number of offices, including Pelosi’s.

As of Sunday, Jan. 17,  Hernandez had not been arrested even though she’s reportedly charged with unlawful entry, engaging in disorderly or disruptive conduct and stealing federal property.

The criminal complaint against her describes the charges against Hernandez and includes photographs of the woman identified by tipsters as Hernandez holding the broken nameplate.

Five people died in the rioting, including a Capitol Police Officer. Over 120 have been charged.

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