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A woman was attacked while jogging along Frisco Trail last weekend.

Some strangers can be dangerous.

That’s what a 29-year-old woman re-learned when she was pushed down and held at knifepoint while jogging along the Frisco Trail in Joplin on Saturday.

The woman told authorities that she ran past the man on the trail, reached a certain point, and then turned around and ran back when she encountered him a second time. That was when he pushed her to the ground and had a knife at her throat.

Authorities say the attacker fled when the woman told him that her husband would be coming up on them soon.

The woman was not sexually assaulted, nor did she require medical attention.

Later that weekend, the woman reported to authorities that the same man was in Webb City panhandling along a roadway. Police took him into custody on current warrants that he had.

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