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A Joplin man will face 15 years in prison for drug charges.

50-year-old Joplin resident Mark E Burdge pleaded guilty Wednesday before the U.S. Chief Magistrate Judge David P. Rush to several charges.

The charges Burdge faced were one count of conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine, one count of possessing firearms in furtherance of a drug trafficking crime, and one count of distributing methamphetamine on the premises where children are present or reside.

With this guilty plea, Burdge admitted that he participated in a conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine from May 9, 2018, to July 18, 2019. Burdge had imported at least 12 pounds of methamphetamine in southwest Missouri from a source in Oklahoma.

Previously in May of 2018, the Ozarks Drug Enforcement Team executed a search warrant at Burdge’s residence. 71.9g grams of methamphetamine were seized in the process, in addition to $20,550 from a bedroom at the location, six rifles, five shotguns, a revolver, four pistols, a .22-caliber Magnum Derringer, and 4,000 rounds of assorted ammunition.

During a 2019 search warrant, investigators found a 10-year-old child among the individuals at Burdge’s residence, 159.66 grams of methamphetamine, and $24,300.

Burdge will serve a minimum of 15 years for his crimes.





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