County purchases additional voting tabulators with Zuckerberg funds

What has Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook done for you lately?

Zuckerberg, Priscilla Chan and other philanthropists donated $250 million from the Center for Tech and Civic Life to  make sure this year’s elections go smoothly all across the nation.

Jasper County Clerk Charlie Davis says that includes funds to benefit people in our area.

“Jasper County got $59,094 and we used that to buy four additional tabulators to help us with the absentee voting and to make sure if some break down on election day we have ones to replace them with,” Davis said.

“We also bought a folder-sorter to fold and stuff envelopes with absentee ballot requests,” he added.

Davis said the county additionally has received $98,000 from CARES ACT funds to purchase PPE’s including hand sanitizer that will be available for voters to use when they go to the polls on November 3rd.

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