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Joplin burglary ends with arrest

Joplin Police responded to a report of gunfire last night in the North Heights Neighborhood, just after 9:45. Sgt. Jason Stump of the Joplin Police Department said it was a home invasion burglary. A white male was reported to have kicked in a door at a residence. He then entered the home, stole keys and a handgun, and then theft the area in the victim’s truck. Sgt. Stump says the vehicle was quickly located by Joplin Police officers.

There was a short pursuit afterwards that ended at E. and North Wall, where the vehicle stopped. The suspect didn’t leave the vehicle voluntarily, so non lethal beanbag rounds were deployed by the police. The suspect was taken into custody after being evaluated by EMS. He is currently being housed in the Joplin City jail.


This story is ongoing…

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