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Jasper County commissioner release statement regarding video of son

A local county commissioner has released a statement on a controversy surrounding a video on social media.

Jasper County Commissioner John Bartosh says he is “profoundly sorry” for his 16-year-old son’s actions after the teenager was allegedly seen on video in a bar, drinking what appears to be a beer, and singing a racist version of Alabama’s Song of the South. Read the full statement below:

“I want to begin by saying I am profoundly sorry for the racist things my son said. My son is a 16 year old kid and what he said was hurtful and unnecessary. It does not represent the opinion of the County Commission or me as a person.

While this is not an excuse for his bad behavior, because there is no excuse, he was involved in a car crash last week and sustained a head injury. He made some bad choices leading up to the racist things he said in that video and conducted himself in a manner that was shameful for our family.

As parents we should, and will, do a better job educating our son about racial and cultural issues facing our society.

Because he is a 16 year old kid and this is a family issue, it will be dealt with as a family and I want you to know this will not go unpunished. I know this apology isn’t enough, and all I can promise is to do a better job for my family and my community.”

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