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Crime Bill Passes Senate

After more than 16 hours of work into the overnight hours, the Missouri Senate has passed five special session bills about crime. Members spent most of the time on a bill with a component that would let the Missouri Attorney General get involved in some St. Louis murder cases.

Lake St. Louis Republican Bob Onder says St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner’s office is severely understaffed and her conviction rate is low. St. Louis Democrat Jamilah Nasheed says sometimes there is not enough evidence to prosecute or convict. “It’s appalling to me that the sky falls and it’s Kim Gardner’s fault,” she said.

The bill is expected to face considerable resistance in the House. The Senate passed a bill that would toughen the penalty for giving a firearm to someone under 18. Another one passed would penalize adults who knowingly cause a child under 17 to commit a crime with a weapon.

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