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COVID-19-related “wrap” scam reported in Springfield

The Better Business Bureau says new COVID-19-related scam has been reported in Springfield.

A man was contacted online and told he’d be paid $500 a month if he had his car “wrapped” with the Purell hand sanitizer logo, then drove it as usual.

All he had to do, other than wait for a big check to come his way, was to give them his personal financial details.

That’s where the deal went sour.

“They be spending their own money because the check would bounce in a couple of days,” says Stephanie Garland of the Better Business Bureau.

“They also would be giving all their sensitive information so people could take out car loans in their name, buy a house in their name, and get student loans in their name,” she adds.

Garland says, luckily, the Springfield man hung up the phone before he lost any money.

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