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Blunt talks about HEALS Act at Joplin news conference

Senator Roy Blunt stopped in Joplin Sunday to talk about the HEALS Act currently under debate in Washington. The Act would provide more cash for businesses and taxpayers to deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

Sen. Blunt talked about a new idea called “Warp Speed” that would fund the production of multiple vaccines at once.

“Say you’ve got seven of them  you think are likely to be approved …  and so you start that production, “Blunt explained. “Let’s save of the seven that are likely to make of it, four of them do but the day it’s announced it’s going to be approved you hopefully would have a hundred million copies of it already ready to be distributed.”

Blunt said the technique might result in more money being spent initially but would pay off by getting the best vaccine to people the quickest.

Sen. Blunt spoke to reporters in the Executive Office complex at Joplin’s Freeman East Hospital.

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