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Better Business Bureau warns consumers about bogus exemption cards

There is a special warning out from the U.S. Justice Department warning people about fake “Face Mask Exempt Cards” being offered on Facebook and other places online.

A group of people encouraging citizens to go without facemasks are the ones behind the creation of the totally bogus cards.

The cards are laminated, include lots of legalistic language with an image of an eagle and the words “Face Mask Exempt Card” in bold letters across the top.

They appear to be geared toward people trying to skirt state and business requirements to wear face masks in public, or to receive service.

The card also references the DOJ and the Americans with Disabilities Act. But Freedom to Breathe Agency, the group that posted them on its website and distributed the cards, isn’t a federal or state agency.

“The consumers not wanting to wear face masks are being taken in by scammers selling these fake cards that don’t  give them any real usage,” says Stephanie Garland of the Better Business Bureau.

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