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Protests in Sedalia for Hannah Fizer

Protesters held signs Thursday night in west-central Missouri’s Sedalia to show their support for a 25-year-old woman killed last weekend by a Pettis County deputy. Hannah Fizer of Sedalia was shot to death after allegedly threatening to shoot the officer, but a gun was not found in her vehicle. Don Hockaday, a protest organizer, says he wants justice for Hannah.

“I want communication. I want unity. I want resolve and I want understanding,” he says.

Hockaday says violence is not acceptable and diminishes the integrity of the group’s purpose. He says he wants communication and questions details about the report of the shooting, including no department video and no call for backup.

Pettis County sheriff Kevin Bond says his department, the police department and an officer’s child have been threatened since last Saturday’s shooting of a Sedalia woman. A deputy shot to death 25-year-old Hannah Fizer after she reportedly threatened to shoot the officer. A gun was not found in her vehicle.

“I’ve asked the public to make sure that they’re rational,” says Bond. “They need to make sure that we make decisions based on facts and knowledge and not on emotions.”

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