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Joplin Police release statement regarding arrest in viral video

Joplin Police have released a statement regarding a video of an arrest that has been going around social media. Read the full statement below:

There has been a cell phone video of an arrest at 110 N Range Line Rd that has been circulating on social media. Officers responded to a disturbance call after midnight on June 2, 2020. Upon arrival officers contacted a group of individuals that advised the disturbance was over. Officers were allowing the individuals to leave the lot when one officer observed a female who was unconscious and unresponsive as the result of an assault.

Fire and EMS responded to treat the subject. At one point during the treatment of the victim, a male subject approached the victim and was told several times to back away from the victim. The subject refused these requests from the officer and was arrested. The arrest led to additional arrests by police, as additional individuals attempted to intervene in the arrest of the subject.

Since the incident, our department has also received additional information and evidence concerning the felony assault and an additional assault that occurred. A felony assault investigation is currently ongoing as more information is being followed up on.

The incident involved use of force, and by our department policy every use of force incident is reviewed. Our department also received a citizen complaint arising from this incident. By department policy this complaint will be investigated as well.

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