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Vaping Legislation Heading to Missouri Governor Parson’s Desk

Legislation requiring Missouri school districts to include instruction on the use and effects of vapor products is on its way to the governor’s desk. The House gave final approval to the bill on Friday in Jefferson City.

Versailles GOP State Representative David Wood predicts the bill will improve health. Wood, the bills sponsor, also admits the Senate added numerous amendments. Wood Stated, “…I’ve not ever asked anybody to go against what you truly believe on your vote … with that, I think this is a good bill”

Wood and other bill supporters say it’s needed in schools.

Ash Grove GOP State Representative Mike Moon blasted the bill on the House floor. He warned colleagues that the bill is unconstitutional because of multiple topics. Moon held a copy of the state Constitution as he spoke on the floor, telling colleagues they took an oath to uphold the Constitution. The final version includes amendments that the Senate added about marijuana edibles and “marijuana telehealth.

In the end, the House voted 125-19 to give the legislation final approval.

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