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Alarming stay-at-home statistics from the Missouri Dept. of Public Safety

The Missouri Public Safety Director Sandy Karsten says highway traffic has picked up since the state has reopened for business

But traffic violation numbers have passed those of a normal year—already.

Krasten said there were fewer people on the road, however the reason is simple. She said “… and the reason seems very clear, when the roads were empty some motorists drove 25, 35 or even 45 miles an hour above the posted speed limit.”

Plus, Krasten said traffic fatalities are up by 6% over this time last year.

Another alarming statistic is domestic violence. Director Karsten says violence at home has increased while people have had to stay at home because of the corona virus. Data is limited but the increase ranges from 10% to a 43% increase in Jefferson County last month.

Law enforcement reminds residents to look out for their neighbors – and report domestic violence cases.

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