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Roy Blunt Discusses CARE funding

The Newest COVID-Response funding that passed the Senate this week- puts money BACK into the small business paycheck protection program. Missouri Senator Roy Blunt says its almost double the amount in the CARES Act.

Blunt says the money will help people that missed out, “So people who would’ve applied three days ago, five days ago only to be told there’s no money still available. Now those people will have those applications processed with money available.” Blunt also said there will also be new money for new applications for the likely future of this program.

The Senator went on to say that the new round of relief funds that passed the Senate Tuesday will get passed- and it’s not the last. “I think the house was involved enough in these discussions that this will pass the house. We will have a may discussion when the congress comes back in session about what we still need, what  we think the economy is gonna look like in June and July”

Blunt chairs an influential Senate budget committee overseeing health spending.

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