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Stay-at-home protests today at Missouri Capital

The organizer of a planned “ReOpen Missouri” protest outside the state Capitol today/Tuesday, says its time to open up the state for business, Josh Schisler (SHISH-ler) has been promoting the event online. Josh, a Republican says there is interest from people of different political backgrounds. He criticizes governor Parsons approach to shutting down non-essential businesses.

Josh tells News Talk KZRG, “The whole purpose of the lockdown was to prevent the healthcare system from being over loaded… we’ve accomplished that mission.” He goes on to say that if more able-body people can get back to work, they could then help more high-risk people, allowing them to stay safely at home.

Dave Dillon of the Missouri Hospital Association says they are ready for surge capacity. Dave also says,  “Opening in advance of having the correct amount of PPE and test just asks for another peak. Frankly they’re using the wrong metric.”

Gov. Parson says they have every right to protest, but that the order will remain in effect and they must adhere to the guidelines.  The governor also says he is working now to reopen the state – following the guidelines of the president.

The protest organizer says participants have been asked to honor safe distances and safety measures.

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