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A pastor, his wife and over 30 followers hit by COVID-19

Rev. Mark Palenskeand his wife Dana along with over 30 members of their church failed to listen to the warnings and advice of the CDC. Now they suffer from the coronavirus.

In a Facebook Post to his followers of the First Assemblies of God Church in Greers Ferry Arkansas Mark issued a warning and described nausea, aches and fatigue he suffered along with his wife, Dena.

Thirty-four people contracted the virus after attending an event at Palenske’s church earlier this month. Other visitors are still awaiting test results.

Mark also urged readers to heed his warnings “We must keep the affected population to as a low a number as possible,” he wrote. “Our singular act of stubborn independence can have far-reaching effects on someone else’s life.”


When something like this Covid-19 virus touches the other side of the world, your first inclination is to assume that…

Posted by Mark Palenske on Thursday, March 19, 2020

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