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Joplin School System initiates cleaning, prepares alternative lessons

Watching and waiting.

That’s what Joplin Superintendent of Schools Dr. Melinda Moss says the Joplin School system is doing as of now to react to the Coronavirus.

She says the first step comes during Spring Break next week.

“We’ve asked people to stay out of the buildings so we can deep clean and disinfect,” she comments, “and we’ve also looked at the development of alternative lesson plans we hope we never have to implement.”

Dr. Moss says teachers have been working to prepare lessons that, if needed, all students can use.

“Not all of our students have access to the Internet,” she says. “So we have to put in place things students could access with or without the Internet.”

She says the R-8 system is in close touch with local health departments and is paying close attention to advisories from the Centers for Disease Control.


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