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MO bill would notify parents of sexual orientation, gender identity school materials

Missouri law could be changed to require that public schools tell parents if class material, guest speakers or displays in school mention sexual orientation or gender identity. A state House committee is considering Representative Chuck Basye’s bill that would allow parents to have their kids removed from class if they don’t approve. Basye says the bill is in response to a Columbia middle school Gay/Straight Alliance Club putting posters up without parents knowing.

“I think the parents have a right to know what is in front of their children in public schools, that’s the intent of the bill, nothing more nothing less.”

Ferguson state Representative Raychel Proudie questions why parents should be notified about LGBT clubs if they are not informed about Christian athletic clubs. She believes the bill treads on dangerous ground…

“I would argue there’s no better place for information or a learning place than a school setting,” says Proudie. “I don’t see any like nude pictures or questionable words as far of obscenities on here. So, I’m not really clear what the issue was with this. If I put ‘Jesus Saves’ up though, I could certainly see how my Jewish student would have an issue with that.”

Under the legislation, Missouri schools could be sued for violating the terms.

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