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MO Senator: Parson defying Trump by continuing to accept refugees

Governor Mike Parson is “defying” President Trump, according to Missouri State Senator Bob Onder of Lake St. Louis,  who disagrees with the decision to continue bringing refugees into the state. Last year President Trump issued an executive order requiring states and local governments to consent to continue resettling refugees in their communities.

“Refugee resettlement programs – they’re very lucrative for the social service agencies that participate in them, but they impose big costs on the taxpayers of those states – social welfare costs.”

Onder believes republican governors have been “guilted into” participating in the program, but says Missouri has more pressing needs.

“We know we’re at a time when we have teachers who are very poorly paid and we’d like to pay them more. The governor talks all the time about needing more money for transportation infrastructure and workforce development. And law enforcement needs our support – we have record high murder rates in St. Louis and Kansas City.”

Governor Parson says refugees boost the state’s workforce and add value and diversity to Missouri’s cities.

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