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Petition Circulating To Legalize Recreational Marijuana In Oklahoma

Two Oklahoma City women have launched an initiative petition for a public vote on whether to legalize the use of marijuana in the state by adults 21 and older.

A proposed ballot title was submitted for review last week with little fanfare by Oklahoma City residents Amy Young and Vanessa Avery.

Once it’s been reviewed, supporters will have 90 days to gather nearly 178,000 signatures to qualify the question for the ballot. If approved, it would amend the Oklahoma Constitution to allow for adult-use of marijuana.

The proposal also would impose a 15% tax on the sale of marijuana, in addition to state and local taxes.

“Allowing adult use of marijuana, and regulating and taxing it, is a good policy decision for the state of Oklahoma, and voters should now have the opportunity to decide this issue at the ballot box,” Young said in a statement.

Young did not immediately respond to questions about who was funding the initiative.

Oklahoma’s medical marijuana program launched last year and has been wildly successful, with more than 220,000 patient and 1,500 dispensary licenses issued so far.

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