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Will gas tax proposal make it to the ballot in 2020?

Since 2020 is a major election year, the chance of a proposed gas tax hike making it to the ballot might have an uphill battle. Republican State Representative Chuck Bayse of mid-Missouri’s Rocheport hopes that’s not the case.

“Something that is very disappointing to me is when I hear folks in leadership say that we can’t do that because it’s an election year, but, I’m afraid that’s going to be the fate this year – I might be wrong. But, I would love to see us put forth a significant proposal for a fuel tax and get that in front of the people.”

Missouri voters rejected a proposed 10-cent gas tax increase last November that would have raised the state’s 17-cent gasoline tax for the first time in more than 20 years.

“The constituents that I serve have three times now overwhelmingly favor a gas tax proposal and one that would be very easily read, not to be confused with a lot of other information involved like the last ballot issue,” Basye says.

Passage of the measure Basye is referring to would have helped to fund maintenance to Missouri’s roads and bridges, among other things.

“The last ballot issue we had, ya know, we had the law enforcement language and the Olympic medal tied into that same thing,” says Basye. “They would like to see a stand-alone gas tax proposal that would go to roads and bridges only.”

Prefiling of bills started December 2nd for the next session of the Missouri Legislature beginning in January.

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