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Missouri Special Olympics Joins Forces With Mizzou

A couple big statewide groups are joining forces. Special Olympics Missouri President Susan Stegeman has announced a new partnership with the University of Missouri system.

“This is a big day for SOMO, I know all the people here from the SOMO team, from the athletes to the board to the staff, are celebrating that already.”

University system president Mun Choi says the partnership could include business students working with the nonprofit and health science students helping athletes with fitness and wellness programs.

“This day marks the beginning where we bring the statewide reach of the University of Missouri system, with all four campuses, to bring them to bear and support the important work that our athletes do in SOMO,” says Choi.

The state summer games are headed back to central Missouri’s Columbia next year. The organization serves more than 16,000 athletes competing in 16 sports.

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