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Frightening Temps Tonight During Trick-Or-Treating

You may have been shocked to see a few snowflakes on your windshield this morning as a winter weather system moved through Missouri. The town of Trenton, in the northwest part of the state, had about three inches of snow! Meteorologist Lewis Kanofsky with the National Weather Service says to bundle up your little ones if you’re taking them out trick-or-treating tonight. Temperatures are expected to be in the low 30s.

“We would suggest to find some clever ways to work some warmer clothing into your costume. Gloves are always a good idea, depending on how strong the wind is where you’re at, trying to protect some exposed skin, especially because this will be some of the coldest wind we’ve seen this season, folks might not be quite prepared for it yet.”

Kanofsky says this isn’t the first time we’ve seen chilly trick-or-treating before…

“As the seasons change, sometimes we have some stronger cold fronts come through. This is the fall season – this just happens to be the time of year where we can get some stronger fronts come through with some colder air behind it.”

Good news, a heat wave is expected to move through tomorrow with temperatures around 50!

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